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J Englebert Dunphy: Current Surgical Diagnosis & Treatment, 5th Edition, 1981.

These are .PDF files so please click the right mouse button and safe them on your own computer!!! This is by far the easiest method to use them.

J Englebert Dunphy:
Chapter 1: Approach to the Surgical Patient.

Jack Nagan:
Chapter 6: Legal Medicine for the Surgeon.

Maurice Galante, Luis O Vasconez, Robert Walton:
Chapter 18: Tumors of the Head & Neck.

Lee D Rowe:
Chapter 41: Otolaryngology.

Daniel G Vaughan:
Chapter 42: Ophthalmology.

Luis O Vascones, William J Morris, John Q Owsley, Bernard S Alpert:
Chapter 46: Plastic Surgery.

Robert C Lim:
Chapter 51. Surgical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures.

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