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R A Cawson, J D Langdon, J W Eveson:
Surgical pathology of the mouth and jaws.

Chapter 1. Investigational methods

Chapter 2. Major infections of the mouth, jaws and perioral tissues.

Chapter 3. Cysts and cyst-like lesions of the jaws.

Chapter 4. Odontogenic tumours and tumour-like lesions.

Chapter 5. Non-odontogenic tumours of the jaws.

Chapter 6. Genetic, metabolic and other non-neoplastic bone diseases.

Chapter 7. Disorders of the temporomandibular joints and periarticular tissues.

Chapter 8. Diseases of the oral mucous membranes.

Chapter 9. White, red and pigmented lesions of the oral mucosa.

Chapter 10. Epithelial tumours and cancer of the mouth.

Chapter 11. Non-neoplastic diseases of salivary glands.

Chapter 12. Tumours of salivary glands.

Chapter 13. Tumours and tumour-like lesions of mesenchymal tissues.

Chapter 14. Lymphoreticular and granulomatous diseases